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"In the mountains no two moments are ever the same. Each new season brings with it a metamorphosis of texture and colour; each passing day its individual spectacle of sunrise and sunset; and each billowing cloud a new envelope of light and shadow. A photograph captured in the mountains is a unique and magical moment which can never be repeated"

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A Personal Guarantee from Ian Evans

I have been publishing and manufacturing mountain prints since 1983; each and every order receives my personal attention from receipt to despatch, ensuring that every customer enjoys a first class product and a friendly, personal service. All my prints are sold 'exclusively' from my websites and are individually prepared and crafted in-house.
Ian Evans on location beside Loch Leven

Behind the Lens - On Location with Ian Evans

I am frequently asked for background information on the pictures that are displayed and the prints that I sell on my website. Particular interest is in the specific location of the various viewpoints that I have chosen and in the work carried out planning and preparing for the shoots themselves. Whilst I must admit that some images were obtained simply through good fortune - being in the right place at the right time - many, indeed most, required meticulous pre-planning and preparation followed by an operation in the field carried out with almost military precision.

'Behind the Lens' is an expanding series of short essays that I have written to explain how some of my most popular images were planned and captured. 'Loch Torridon Sunrise' on the morning of the winter solstice and the view of the entire 'North Face of Ben Nevis' captured on the morning of the summer solstice are just two examples of images planned many years in advance. In contrast, 'Alpenglow On The Buachaille' and 'Sunrise Over Snowdon' were obtained as a consequence of developing weather conditions encountered during informed, but speculative visits to pre-determined locations.

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Ian Evans on Mera Peak with Everest beyond

The Mountain Travelogue

For more than twenty years I wrote feature articles and supplied images to all the major British outdoor walking, climbing and mountaineering magazines including TGO (The Great Outdoors), Trail Magazine, High Magazine, Climber & Hillwalker, Lakeland Walker, Country Walking, The Scottish Mountaineer and Geographic Magazine. My images also appeared in many best-selling books including 'The Magic of The Munros', The Call of The Corbets', 'Wilderness Walks', 'Exploring the Far North-West of Scotland, 'Wild Walks' and 'On Top of The World'. At the time of publication many of the major reports and articles I produced for these magazines were to new and relatively unexplored destinations in the Himalaya.

Now, for the first time, I have reproduced a large selection of my written works in one location and in digital form. 'The Mountain Travelgoue' includes information which I sincerely hope will not only be useful to today's generation of adventurers, but will also provide a historical record of several of my expeditions, many of which were pioneering at the time. 'Mera Peak Ascent' and 'Alpine Climbing in Nepal' describe early expeditions to objectives which have since become very popular, whilst 'A Circuit of Dhaulagiri' and 'Encounters with Manaslu' are as relevant now as the day they were written for they provide information on areas which remain relatively isolated and rarely visited.

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