Landscape Photography – Behind The Lens

In this expanding section of my website on landscape photography I have taken you ‘Behind the Lens’ on a selection of shoots at different locations. Most of the images featured here were captured using high end digital cameras and consequently an accurate record of the settings used is available in the form of metadata. This information is supplied for each image along with the equipment used and a precise Ordnance Survey map reference.

Equally, if not more important than the choice of equipment and workflow, is the ability to identify the best location, camera angle, composition and lighting for the chosen shot. It will become clear when reading these articles that when I am working in Britain, and when given the opportunity, I will always favour and seek out an elevated mountain viewpoint rather than a roadside or valley alternative. I prefer to shoot at dawn and dusk when the light is usually most colourful and directional, but this is not always possible and there are occasions when a compromise must be made. That said, except in winter when the sun is always low in the sky, I rarely shoot in the middle of the day.