Skiddaw, Blencathra and Derwentwater

Derwentwater and Skiddaw

A collection of Derwentwater and Skiddaw mountain landscape images. In this selection several images were captured beside Derwentwater itself and others from elevated locations nearby. The Catbells to Maiden Moor ridge and the small eminence of Castle Hill have always provided excellent viewpoints for Skiddaw, Blencathra and the fells of the north west. Specific mountains covered by the individual prints are Maiden Moor, High Spy, Catbells, Causey Pike, Grisedale Pike, Bowscale Fell, Blencathra and Skiddaw. All of the images were taken during the autumn and winter seasons.

Skiddaw and the Anti-Twilight Arch, The Lake District
Skiddaw and the Anti-Twilight Arch
The intense light of dawn and the Arch of Anti-Twilight illuminates Skiddaw and Derwentwater'.
Derwentwater Reflections, The Lake District
Derwentwater Reflections
The hills of the north-western fells are reflected in the calmness of Derwenwater.
Skiddaw Saddleback and Derwentwater, The Lake District
Skiddaw Blencathra and Derwentwater
A classic view of the summits of Skiddaw and Saddleback across Derwentwater from Cat Bells.
Skiddaw Winter Sunrise, The Lake District
Skiddaw and Derwentwater Winter Sunrise
Skiddaw on the cold morning of a winter sunrise from the shores of Barrow Bay, Derwentwater
The Derwent Fells from Friars Crag, The Lake District
The Derwent Fells from Friars Crag
The fells of Grisedale and Causey Pike rise up behind Derwentwater and Friar's Crag.
Derwentwater, The Lake District
The length of Derwentwater stretching into Borrowdale is seen at its best from Castle Crag.